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Tag: marriage counseling Unhappy Relationships-Wrecking Balls at Work

UNHAPPY RELATIONSHIPS How are unhappy relationships created when things started off so well? In his book Love Busters, author Willard Harley Ph.D. cites six broad categories of behavior that serve to drain the love out of relationships. As a practicing counselor for the past forty years, I have learned the truths gathered by Dr. Harley the hard way.  The six

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Tag: marriage counseling Healthy Relationship Tips–10 of Them

Welcome to Healthy Relationship Tips; 10 ideas designed to encourage you to think about yourself in relation to other people in your life. I hope you enjoy these tried and proven ideas for choosing your most important relationships with the care you deserve. TIP #1: Define the character traits of the people you wish to associate with.  Write those characteristics

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Tag: marriage counseling “Best Relationship Advice for Women”- Let the Buyer Beware

WATCH OUT, GENERALIZATIONS FOOL FOLKS Advice for the love lorn is as diverse as humanity itself.  When someone advertises under the title “best relationship advice for women” they are demonstrating  grandiosity!  While all women are similar to each other in many aspects intrinsic to their sex, they are also different in regard to their personalities.  Some are extroverted, some not. 

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