Online Relationships–Risky Business

Online relationships, in my estimation, should come with a HUGE caution flag! Watch out, liars fool folks.

Down through the years, our nation’s news outlets have carried stories about predators using the internet to lure people into traps of varying kinds.  Sometimes, the traps are financial in nature with people running con games on folks to get their money!  Other times, people have been lured to a rendezvous that resulted in their murder. The anonymity of the web makes it all to easy for people to misrepresent themselves to others and lead them astray!

I Know, I know! There are also plenty of stories about people who have met their spouses online and successfully moved the relationship from stranger to partner.  i am simply urging caution, thinking about the old cliche that caution is the better part of valor. has a list of safety tips when it comes to online dating and relationships. You can check them out here.

Some other things to check out!

We all know that there is no risk free way to meet people and the wolves in sheep’s clothing can be living right next door as well as lurking behind the pages of an internet site. So what are some things you should be aware of in getting to know potential love partners on line or off?.

  1. Do not be in a rush!  Take your time in getting to know the person you are interested in.
  2. Ask a lot of background information questions about the person’s life interest. Be listening carefully and make mental notes about the important areas of work, family, and love histories.  It is difficult for a person to create a fabric of lies about themselves that stand the test of time.  Sooner or later, they contradict themselves and a red flag should go up signalling the need to check out any inconsistency you note.
  3. Explore the person’s values.  What do they believe in and what prompted those beliefs? What is their philosophy about life.  Notice any discrepancies between their stated beliefs and their actions
  4. Pay attention to the person’s friendship networks.  Are the folks you learn about people of good character?  Ancient wisdom says that bad companions do corrupt good morals.  If the people your prospective friend/lover hangs out with trigger anxiety and disapproval in you, be careful about the person choosing those kind of folks to be around.

So, when it comes to creating new friendships, a simple motto would be, “Whether in doubt or not, check’em out!!”

  1. Hi, great article and I agree completely with your need for caution. As you said there is plenty that has said they met their spouse. I am one of them. But it was with caution and the exact advice you gave. I knew my spouse a year online before we ever met. It was a friendship we created, the romantic part of our relationship happened well after we met. I think it is possible to form relationships this way but you have to be smart, patient and extremely cautious like you said. Great advice.

  2. Oh boy! Don’t get me started with online dating. There are lots of people out their getting their hearts broken and ending up in dead end relationships because their are real creeps out there.

    The MTV program, Catfish is a perfect example of all of the liars and cheats out their just waiting to prey on innocent people.

    We also need to educate our young girls (and boys) about being careful with online dating.

    The younger generations are basing their whole life around the internet – for learning, playing, dating, working – everything. They reaally need to be careful.

    Keep spreading the word and if you can help just 1 person then it would be worth it.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Hey Bryon,

    I have heard of people scamming people through Western Union. I believe it’s called the 409 scam. Basically, people from Nigeria make up some stupid reason on why they need you to send them money. They typically, try to establish a bond and then once they prey on someone they try to get money from them.

    Are there any best practices for meeting someone online, though? Maybe, some red flags to look out for.

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