Your overall health impacts on your ability to give and receive love. If your general health is off and your energy level is low, it can trigger marriage problems. There is a growing body of evidence that mineral deficiencies can be linked to depression and anxiety disorders. Health problems trigger worry. Worry makes it difficult to feel good and in fact is a form of stress that can suppress your immune system opening doors to infections like the common cold, the flue, pneumonia. . .you get the point. In order to give and receive love, you need to feel good and have the energy to pursue the actions required to keep a relationship vibrant and full of life.

An old cliche, “You are what you eat!” , is true but is too vague.

Much of land used to produce fruits and vegetables today has been stripped of hits mineral elements through farming. The nutrients we need for full health and energy is obtainable through supplementation with quality products that provide the full spectrum of 92 vitamins and minerals we require for optimal health.

With this post, I am including the video below. Dr. Joel Wallach (author of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie), gives a seminar regarding this all important subject. It is long, 2 hours, but well worth the time if you care about your families health as well as your own. In this video, you will get his credentials (which are impressive), and a breakdown on how many of the chronic diseases that plague us can be prevented or reversed with the addition of the minerals your body needs to maintain optimal health. You may watch segments of this at a time and come back until you finish it. You will be glad you got this vital information!

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