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Category: Husband-Wife How to Save A Marriage? Get A Counselor That Can Actually Help You!

It is impossible to save a marriage unless both partners are committed to doing so! “How to save a marriage” is a search term used on Google by thousands of people per month. Sadly, usually just one of the spouses is doing the looking instead of two. If problems between husbands and wives are just getting started and both people

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Category: Husband-Wife Relationship Help–Love and Marriage

THE CHALLENGE Whether you have been married only a short time or for fifty years, keeping your love alive and vibrant is an on going challenge.  With a about half of all marriages ending in divorce, it is clear that many are in need of relationship help. In discussing love and marriage, the perspective dealt with in this article is

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Category: Husband-Wife “Best Relationship Advice for Women”- Let the Buyer Beware

WATCH OUT, GENERALIZATIONS FOOL FOLKS Advice for the love lorn is as diverse as humanity itself.  When someone advertises under the title “best relationship advice for women” they are demonstrating  grandiosity!  While all women are similar to each other in many aspects intrinsic to their sex, they are also different in regard to their personalities.  Some are extroverted, some not. 

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