How to Save A Marriage? Get A Counselor That Can Actually Help You!

It is impossible to save a marriage unless both partners are committed to doing so! “How to save a marriage” is a search term used on Google by thousands of people per month. Sadly, usually just one of the spouses is doing the looking instead of two. If problems between husbands and wives are just getting started and both people


Your overall health impacts on your ability to give and receive love. If your general health is off and your energy level is low, it can trigger marriage problems. There is a growing body of evidence that mineral deficiencies can be linked to depression and anxiety disorders. Health problems trigger worry. Worry makes it difficult to feel good and in

MARRIAGE PROBLEMS? You Are Not Listening!

As a professional licensed therapist for the last 40 years, the most common problem I  have seen in counseling people experiencing marriage problems is communication break down due to poor listening.  In a previous post (see here), I examined the idea that your view or map of reality is unique to you.  This makes communicating problematic when we think we


More under the heading of free relationship advice: “Your map is not the territory” is a way of saying that what you think is reality ain’t necessarily so.  What you call reality is a map you have been constructing over time in your mind. It is made up of mental imagery, words, remembered smells, and emotions. it is a hologram

Free Relationship Advice–Make It A Win-Win

I first heard the term win-win at a business conference.  It was good, free relationship advice. The idea behind it is simple.  When you do business with somebody, whatever deal you strike with your customer or buyer should be something that genuinely benefits him or her as well as you! its essence is one of I win and You win

Unhappy Relationships-Wrecking Balls at Work

UNHAPPY RELATIONSHIPS How are unhappy relationships created when things started off so well? In his book Love Busters, author Willard Harley Ph.D. cites six broad categories of behavior that serve to drain the love out of relationships. As a practicing counselor for the past forty years, I have learned the truths gathered by Dr. Harley the hard way.  The six

Online Relationships–Risky Business

Online relationships, in my estimation, should come with a HUGE caution flag! Watch out, liars fool folks. Down through the years, our nation’s news outlets have carried stories about predators using the internet to lure people into traps of varying kinds.  Sometimes, the traps are financial in nature with people running con games on folks to get their money!  Other

Relationship Help–Love and Marriage

THE CHALLENGE Whether you have been married only a short time or for fifty years, keeping your love alive and vibrant is an on going challenge.  With a about half of all marriages ending in divorce, it is clear that many are in need of relationship help. In discussing love and marriage, the perspective dealt with in this article is

Best Relationship Advice? Improve Your Self Image

Here is your best relationship advice!  Improve your self image!   People who have a history of discouraging relationships often suffer from a poor self image. I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to a man who died in 1989 after a long and successful career as an author and public speaker.  Earl Nightingale wrote and spoke about  the

Healthy Relationship Tips–10 of Them

Welcome to Healthy Relationship Tips; 10 ideas designed to encourage you to think about yourself in relation to other people in your life. I hope you enjoy these tried and proven ideas for choosing your most important relationships with the care you deserve. TIP #1: Define the character traits of the people you wish to associate with.  Write those characteristics