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Month: January 2018 How to Save A Marriage? Get A Counselor That Can Actually Help You!

It is impossible to save a marriage unless both partners are committed to doing so! “How to save a marriage” is a search term used on Google by thousands of people per month. Sadly, usually just one of the spouses is doing the looking instead of two. If problems between husbands and wives are just getting started and both people

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Your overall health impacts on your ability to give and receive love. If your general health is off and your energy level is low, it can trigger marriage problems. There is a growing body of evidence that mineral deficiencies can be linked to depression and anxiety disorders. Health problems trigger worry. Worry makes it difficult to feel good and in

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Month: January 2018 MARRIAGE PROBLEMS? You Are Not Listening!

As a professional licensed therapist for the last 40 years, the most common problem I  have seen in counseling people experiencing marriage problems is communication break down due to poor listening.  In a previous post (see here), I examined the idea that your view or map of reality is unique to you.  This makes communicating problematic when we think we

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